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Shenzhen China Magnetic Electronic Co., Ltd
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About Us


We are a focus on soft magnetic ferrite industry for more than 20 years of enterprise, is one of the earliest professional company engaged in this industry for more than twenty years around the industry to adapt to the development of the market in order to create maximum value for customers to constantly explore the concept of our service mode, from independent distributors to brand agents to the factory joint venture business now independent brand manufacturers, for the sake of the cause, our team spent all our money and effort and also to make unremitting efforts.

Shenzhen company for marketing service center, we are now engaged in the sales service, quality after-sales service, the customer product development and design, product processing services (GAP processing, copper coating, transformer processing) and other supporting services, the shenzhen company has 2000 square meters of logistics warehouse, of processing workshop of 2000 square meters, commonly used products daily stock around 500 tons, the commonly used the quick delivery of products provides a strong guarantee of shenzhen company owns more than 60 people have rich experience of sales and service team, they include soft magnetic materials engineer, quality engineer, electronic transformer application engineer, IC application engineer, skeleton design engineers, etc we expect can provide customers with professional and technical personnel from r&d to mass production of services.

At the end of 2012, in order to focus on production resources and human resources, we are going to hunan factory main personnel and equipment into the plant of hubei province, hubei province is now our factory is the most important production base, by self-purchased land in hubei factory owns about 49000 square meters, has built about 12000 square meters production plant, living facilities 4000 square meters, the design of soft magnetic ferrite production capacity of 10000 tons/year, has now reached 5000 tons/year, staff 300 people, including technology research and development personnel more than 30 people, at this stage have required a full set of equipment for the production of soft magnetic ferrite, including 38 m dual-track automatic nitrogen push board kiln, intelligent bell jar type sintering furnace, rijin mirror polishing grinding machine and other advanced facilities, with power and full production capacity of high conductivity materials.

To provide better than peers more quality products supporting services, we want to build the core competitiveness.We willtake this as the goal,to spare no effort tocontinuously improve ourservice level,looking forward to become your mostsatisfied supplier.